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[:en]André Kremer of STEAG Solar Energy Solutions

1. How are you personally – and as a company – coping with the corona crisis?

The current situation is not the easiest, of course, neither personally nor professionally. We all miss the individual interaction which is simply an essential part of our corporate DNA. SENS is personal and straightforward – both internally and externally – and some topics simply can’t be communicated via the screen, even though we are well positioned in digital terms. And, quite frankly, we also miss the opportunity to celebrate our successes properly. Despite the crisis and all the restrictions, we record the best year in the company’s history. Our staff are doing a fantastic job with their usual dedication even in times of remote and digital work. It’s painful not to be able to show our appreciation in the usual way.

2. What are you enthusiastic about, apart from your company?

Let’s put it like this: for me a perfect day off consists of lots of time with my family, activities outside in the countryside, a nice barbecue with friends and to top it all off, a win for the great football club VfL Bochum.

3. What social media account or podcast makes your life better?

I don’t use social media very often, so I wouldn’t say that it makes my life much better. Platforms like LinkedIn of course make it easier to keep in touch and some podcasts also provide specific and interesting information on certain topics, but they also always carry the risk of a one-sided reporting. So all in all I definitely prefer the personal contact.

4. Whom would you like to meet/have met?

I can think of quite a lot of personalities with whom a day would be very inspiring, both in the past and in the present. However, after an inspiring day with scientist, artist, politicians, freedom fighters or entrepreneurs, I assume that the evening spent with George Best would probably have been quite entertaining.

5. If you could change one thing in the world – other than the corona crisis, of course – what would it be?

If there is only one thing, then it would be free, unrestricted and above all uninfluenced access to education since it would probably be able to solve or at least mitigate most of the problems of our time. The awareness of issues like climate change, species extinction, socio-economic inequalities, growing social polarisation etc. can most likely be raised most effectively through education.

6. What aspect of your company’s work are you most proud of?

We have changed a lot and achieved great things in recent years. I am particularly proud of the special team spirit and the family atmosphere at SENS. Our employees identify with our values and the company, and I believe that this is a priceless asset. We have stuck together even in difficult times and today, as an international team, we are operating more successfully than ever before. I am very proud of this! (mfo)

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